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tenipuri XP: bigger, better and brighter than before

now with never before seen accessories

PoT XP: the newest edition
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characters: last updated 24 june 2008
[ While the tables below detail which characters have been taken, we also have a list of available characters to aid potential applicants. ]

Ryuhana Akutagawa Jirou - Morpheus Brotherhood Akutsu Jin - Stray
  Atobe Keigo - Frost   Dan Taichi - Nix
  Echizen Ryoma - Replica   Sengoku Kiyosumi - Pavee
  Muromachi Touji Friends of Humanity Niou Masaharu
  Sanada Genichirou - Ember   Yagyuu Hiroshi
X-Prime (Active) Fuji Shuusuke - Gatekeeper Youkai Chitose Miyuki - Sehkmet
  Kirihara Akaya - Ares   Hirakoba Rin - Fenris
  Osakada Tomoka - Soleil   Kamio Akira - Rush
  Mukahi Gakuto - Recoil   Kisarazu Atsushi - Shadowflesh
  Shishido Ryou - Wings   Kisarazu Ryou - Syphon
  Yamato Yuudai Independent Amane Hikaru - Scherzando
X-Prime (Reserves) Marui Bunta - Genesis X-Corp Ryuuzaki Sakuno - Fade
  Yukimura Seiichi - Scion   Tezuka Kunimitsu

To Join:
Please read the rules first; if you have any questions, please contact a mod.

After that, please fill out the application and follow the instructions there. :)

XP Wiki - Our very own wiki site, full of information~ Rules, premise, character histories and game timelines can be found here. We strongly urge potential applicants to browse through here to get a feel for the game before submitting an application.

World Time Server - co-ordinating timezones
Fruity Explosion Translation - PoT character listing
uncannyxmen.net - X-men character listing, for help with powers


Prince of Tennis and X-Men belong to their respective owners. This game is being played out for mere amusement and not profit, no copyright infringement is intended.