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Date: Some time ago.
Rating: PG, maybe a bit PG-13
Charas: Sakuno, Tomoka. Some allusions to Tezuka, Bunta and Yuki
Summary: Sakuno and Tomo speak a bit more about life and a misunderstanding. NOTE: This is supposed to happen some hours after an encounter between Sakuno and Tezuka that hasn't been logged until now. ^_^;

Do you remember when I and Bunta trained together and on our own for a long time? Remember what girls were gossiping back then behind our backs?Collapse )


rp log; yamato & akaya

date; 9th of August. Hope that's okay with you Anne Marie?
rating; pg
summary; Yamato & Akaya get stuck in an elevator. Stupid conversations ensue.

It would appear we're stuck.Collapse )

Log: Tezuka and Atobe

Date: Night, July 23 (Wednesday)
Rating: PG-13, fancy that! Violence, mutant powers, destruction of (simulated) public property, and the harming of (simulated) opponents.
Summary: Tezuka runs into Atobe outside the Danger Room, and they fight! No, not with each other; not yet. XD

A loud crash--the vending machines on the corner of the road toppled over, one of them breaking open. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans spilled onto the road; some lifted themselves mid-air, and then flew both towards Tezuka and Atobe.Collapse )


RP Log: Atobe and Tezuka

Date: Last Saturday (July 7th)
Rating: G [OOC: has any Tezuka log gone beyond G yet? O_o Oh Tezuka, cute liittle Dan is getting more action than you, the oldest virgin in XP... You've never been kissed either, I'm sure! XD]
Summary: Atobe and Tezuka keep spending time together. At least they've gotten to the point where they're now discussing powers? ^_^;;;;; [ooc: Please stop me from dreaming about SanaAtoTez. Sanada and Tezuka don't know each other like that, yet, and I should stop dragging my OTPs into everything. Isn't it bad enough I squee incoherently when I read SanaTez --> AtoTez in those Chinese fics?]

[ooc: And someone stop me from spamming these headers. PLEASE. *facepalm*]

To say Atobe was not overly fond of the summertime would be a gross misrepresentation of how utterly awful his week had been as the mercury began to rise.Collapse )


RP Log: Akutsu & Dan

Date: Recent~
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dan falls out of a tree while practicing parkour and Akutsu patches him up. Except Dan has a crush, and his hormones like the way Akutsu is mothering him. And then other stuff that neither of them had planned on happens. :D; Okay I think that was the worst summary ever. D:

You tell me who put their fucking hands on you so I can break their goddamn legs off.Collapse )


rp log; Atobe & Tezuka

Date: Tuesday, July 1, evening
Rating: G
Summary: Atobe shows up at X-corp after-hours to bring dinner for Tezuka and to keep him company. And they finally have a real conversation.

it's awfully lonely down in the reception areaCollapse )


rp log; Atobe & Sanada

Date: June 30th, late evening
Rating: G
Summary: The all-too industrious Atobe decides Sanada needs to enjoy more of the "teenage" lifestyle.

you are popular with the girls, as is to be expectedCollapse )


[RP Log] Niou, Yagyuu

Date: June 28, Saturday (early morning)
Rating: PG
Summary: The Friends of Humanity converge on a sperm bank that's accepting mutant semen and blow it up. Niou and Yagyuu meet, and have a can of beer.

Notes: The sperm bank thing has been a point of controversy over the past few weeks, and now that it's a pile of rubble, the news is all over it.

A rocky startCollapse )


RP Log: Niou & Ryoma

Date: Uh... We'll say Saturday, 6/21
Rating: G
Summary: Ryoma finally asks Niou some of the questions that have been bugging him. They talk about mutancy, and Ryoma asks a lot of other questions and only gets a few answers. XD;

You know you're a mutant, right?Collapse )


Script, short-ish log: Tomoka and Sakuno.

Date: Shortly after this.
Rating: PG-13 for allusions to sex, genderbending, etc.
Summary: Sakuno manages to surprise Tomoka quite a bit. Fluff ahoy!

I like reading the ones where you're a girl!Collapse )



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